Xlixuk Limited is a UK-based company, headquartered in London, which was established in 2022. Since then, our company has been offering a domain registration.

Our team combines the efforts of 20 outstanding specialists assigned to Admin, Sales, Support, Development and Management departments, who all look after the quality and reliability of our services and strive to provide exceptional client support. On the whole, 1,000 webmasters currently use Xlixuk Limited services.

You are the most important part of us
Customer experience is about how we serve your domain names, but more importantly it is about how easy you find us to do business with.

The moment a customer signs up for an Xlixuk Limited service, they should expect and receive the best customer experience we can provide. Your customer experience will reflect our experience of being a domain registar company. We know the pitfalls, we understand your needs – and if we don't – we try our hardest to fix problems and resolve situations as soon as possible.